Monday 23 February 2009

A man of his word

We had a meltdown at drop-off time in school last week and Ads' teacher suggested that when I bring him back on Monday, I need to have a “short talk” with him before he enters class, sign him in, hand him over to one of the teachers, then just leave without hanging around.
I took her advice to heart (leaving him in school was becoming, not exactly a heart-rending experience, but acutely painful). I told him multiple times over the weekend that since he was having so much fun in school, and since his teachers were so nice and since I always always pick him up at noon, there was really no reason for him to shed any tears. He is always amenable to reason so he told me that he would say just 3 things at drop off time.
“Pick me up”
“Po” (“Go” in Tamil)
And that’s exactly what the little darling did!
I am so proud of him :)

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