Wednesday 4 February 2009

2nd day at school....

...went well. Whew!

The school has a weird system of handing the kids over to their parents. The classroom door is locked from the inside. Parents like me wait just outside. One of the teachers peeks through the window to see who is waiting and those kids are brought to the door and handed over to mom/dad. And almost immediately the door is locked again, but not before some eager kiddos have collected all around the teachers feet, looking out for their absent parent. Like a bunch of puppies in jail! There's no update of what my child did during the day. I don't expect a long update (I know the teachers don't have that kind of time) but a couple of sentences would be nice. It seems that they will talk to you only if something unusual happened (for e.g. today I was told that Ads might be hungrier than usual because he refused to eat the snack that was offered). But they reserve the feedback for the semi-annual parent teacher conferences.
I have got used to the extremely affectionate demeanour of the teachers in his previous school. They never let any of the kids go without a hug, kiss or high-five. The teachers here are very nice, but not overly affectionate or demonstrative.

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