Friday 16 March 2012

Inspiring community action in making our little corner of the planet greener

I have long been inspired by Aparna's very successful experiments and initiatives in greening her world by composting, reusing and kitchen-gardening. As an aside, have also drooled a lot over her baked goodies! :) I just wanted to share a video that she had shared in turn, about the community initiative in Koramangala 3rd block in Bangalore, where the RWA (Resident's Welfare Association) decided to segregate their dry waste from kitchen waste. Why this is so important has also been explained in the video.
I've started doing my bit - very very recently - by segregating the dry waste from kitchen waste. The good thing is that I found that we have very little dry waste. Cardboard/paper boxes are reused for the kid's art and school projects (or simply to play with). Newspapers and printed papers are recycled to the raddiwala. Ditto for the glass and plastic dabbas that I can't reuse - they are washed well and given to the raddiwala. One-sided paper is always used for the children's artwork, or else I cut them into smaller sheets and staple them together as writing pads.
Here's the video. Thanks for sharing, Aparna. 


  1. hey Aparna - Thanks for sharing the video and for the lovely words about my blog :). I was just thinking this morning that I should share this one too!

    Great to know you're relooking at your waste :). Another thing I realized is that even if we reuse a bit (I don't as much as you definitely!), there's always that final stage when I need to dispose those old art projects and it just opens eyes to start re-thinking before heading to that dustbin.

    1. Aparna, true. Most projects go to school and I never see them again. The projects which they do at home, I give to the raddiwala if I am not keeping them. Like you said, we just need to pause for a minute before we throw anything away. I know that we used to use a lot of bottled water while travelling. But now we just take water bottles along and fill as needed and buy mineral water only when the water source is suspect!

  2. That makes so much sense, Aparna! We have all this already structured here. It is heartening to see how people are taking it into their hands and putting through a system. Thanks so much for sharing!


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