Thursday 19 April 2012

New year, same old school

The nicest thing (for me) of the first day of school for Ads this year was just how uneventful it was. No drama, no tears flowing down both our faces and no stress. The only reason being, this is the first year in his short life that he has been to the same school two years running. The sense of relief that we both have due to this happy fact was unequivocal and immense.
He was excited about starting a new year, a little bashful about making new friends, a little sad about not having the same class teacher (whom he adored), very happy that this same teacher would still be teaching him English, a little anxious about the kids who would be in his class this year (they randomly shuffle the kids around every year into different sections, which sucks, but more about that in a future post). 
He insisted I drop him at school on the first day instead of taking the school bus. As I drove to school, I kept sneaking looks at him in the rear-view mirror and saw him looking thoughtful but cheerful. As for me, there was none of that deep dread which normally settles down in the pit of my stomach every new session, making me want to throw up! We parked, walked to the school grounds and found his class lined up. The new class teacher welcomed him, I hugged Ads and whispered "Good Luck!" in his ear, he waved me a cheery goodbye and that was it.
I find it hard to put into words the comfort I gained from watching him at ease in those surroundings. I came back and told S - "Ok. That's it. No more moving around for a few more years!"
Though - that's a hastily-proclaimed resolution we might both have a hard time sticking to.


  1. so happy for you and Ads..I understand the comfort both of you must be feeling :-)
    good luck!

  2. Oh nice that he was looking forward to it :). So good for you too to have an easier time of it!!
    Same school or not, I will only breathe after a couple of weeks of it are past !


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