Saturday 14 January 2012

Toxic malls

Warning: This post is just a rant :) Feel free to ignore.
We had to go to a mall the other day. Well, we didn't have to, technically speaking. My father-in-law was in town and in the morning we had to do some shopping for him. In the afternoon, we didn't have any outdoorsy options for the kids since it was a cold blustery sort of day and we didn't want to sit around at home. I suggested we check out this huge mall in Gurgaon, which I've never been to. The kids could play in the kiddie area, I could check out some sales and we could finish dinner in the food court.
Now I donno whether I have mentioned this anytime on this blog, but I hate malls. As in, really hate them. I hate everything about them and in the normal course, I would never suggest going to one, much less take the kids along, but in a place like Gurgaon, if you can't go outdoors and you don't have the time to drive to the rajdhani, then you have to go to a mall! Sad, but that's how it is. We occasionally do visit malls, because our favourite bookstore is in one, sometimes the nice restaurants are there and every now and then we catch a movie in one. So, anyway, we went to this place and while the kids hung around with their dad and grand-dad, I braved the crowds at Westside and came out after 30 mins with a thumping headache.
We then went to the play area (called "Funcity" - anything but!) and we paid an exorbitant amount for the privilege of being swung around in a merry-go-round kind of thingy for 10 minutes. The kids squealed with delight and fright and genuinely had a good time, so I won't complain. Ads then spent a fruitless half hour using up all the money on the card on idiotic games that gave him only one go at picking up some useless toy. 
When we were ready to go, S, looking haggard and as though he was having a headache too, looked at me and said "I hope we aren't planning to do this every weekend."  I shook my head. I'm aware I'm in a minority here given that most people I know (in Gurgaon) seem to visit malls every weekend but I find these places toxic. Give me the sweaty crowds and the haggling at Sarojini Market and Pondy Bazar any day!


  1. Oh we are such kindred souls I can't believe it sometimes :). Now if only some of those organization skills of yours are also submerged in me somewhere that would be great ;).

    I must be one of the worst informed in Bangalore about the malls because I hate going to one. You ventured on a weekend - how brave :O ! I get claustrophobic and panicky that I will lose the children when I see the crowds ;).

    Even to a place like Shopper's Stop I always make it a point to go on a weekday morning, though I keep cribbing that even the billing staff are hardly around as the place is so empty :).

    1. Aparna - great to know were are kindred souls...:))) I knew u were different :) Yeah if i have to go to malls, i too prefer weekdays, but sometimes there is no choice but to go on a weekend. nasty places!


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