Tuesday 3 January 2012

Giving thanks

This New Years day, I gave thanks for:
1. Adventurous kids who obligingly trooped off on the 1-hr metro ride to Chandni Chowk for street food lunch, inspite of some serious jet-lag.
2. Young, affectionate aunts who pamper and play with my kids and give them a break from me! :) Two of S's cousins were visiting and the children had such a blast with them.
3. The awesome street food of Delhi which allows me to consume the entire days' calorie quota in one sitting. Steaming Bhindi parathas, flaky khurchan, super-light daulat ki chaat and spicy aloo tikkis for lunch - does it get any better than this? 
2012 - please please - may you continue to be all about good kids, wonderful family and great food!


  1. Wow wow and wow!
    Sounds yummy and wonderful!

    I visited Delhi last year, but missed having chaat and parathas at Chandni Chowk. Will make it a point to visit and eat to my heart's content the next time I am there. And ask you for suggestions. :)

  2. @thegalnxtdoor: Sure, do that :)

  3. The pics and write up got me drooling boss. Delhi street food, here I come.

  4. @anita: Come come :) I still think Bombay bhels and panipuris are the best tho. They screw up the panipuri...sorry


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