Thursday 16 September 2010

School feedback

Feedback I received about Y and her activities in the classroom, from her class teacher. She is a very lovable child, very bright, quick to grasp. Extremely naughty, finds it very difficult to sit still in class, keeps walking around, pushes other kids and looks for a reaction from them. My only question was what did she mean by "naughty"? Because to me all of Y's behaviour is quite age-appropriate. One does not expect any 22-month old to sit in one place for long, understand or obey all instructions, and NOT try to cross limits. So I just wanted to clarify from the teacher that she meant naughty in a positive sense. It turned out that she did.
Anyway, Ms Naughty is doing very well. Saunters off without a backwards glance once she reaches her school. (I cannot help but contrast it with the way Ads clings to me everyday, lest I forget his goodbye hug and kiss!) I leave you with a photograph. This isn't exactly the way I'd choose to display all my jewellery, but hey, maybe she'll start a trend :)

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  1. i can see Y pushing other kids down and waiting for a reaction. kutti polladhu!


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