Wednesday 29 September 2010

The crooked finger

Y is home today because of a bad cold and cough (Just when I was thinking that the kids hadn't had the sniffles for a few weeks; I must've jinxed myself!!!). She has two new pastimes now. One is to strip herself as soon as I manage to dress her up. I turn around and there she is half-naked, having removed her pants/shorts and diaper and trying very hard to remove her frock or top! Well, atleast her motor skills are improving :) The second thing is painting (perhaps inspired by her Anna). She asks for water, paper to paint on and newspaper to spread on the floor. She gets the paintbox and brush from Anna's drawer and is all set for atleast 30 minutes of creative expression.
So, anyway today she stripped and painted, in that order :) I wanted to put her down for an early nap but obviously the mere suggestion was enough to make her all contrarian. I cajoled and pleaded before belatedly realizing that I was just wasting my time. So I yawned loudly, picked up a pillow and sheet and stretched out on the bed, telling her "Amma thaachika poren" (Amma is going to sleep). Instantly, she was up there with me on the bed, proclaiming - "Me thaachi too!". I pushed her away a couple of times - Illa, Yukta vendaam, only amma thaachi (No, Y not needed, only amma's gonna sleep) - waited until she was bawling her head off (yeah, I'm mean like that!!) and then reluctantly allowed her to sleep on my chest. She was out in five minutes! 
I guess that's what they mean when they say in Hindi - seedhi ungli se ghee kabhi nahi nikalti. I wonder what the Tamil equivalent is.

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