Sunday 26 September 2010

Saturday morning

Weekend mornings are no different from any other. The usual wake-up, brushing teeth, potty, diaper-changing, DVD-watching on the laptop, breakfast for Ads, cajoling Y to have one more sip of milk from her glass (finally giving up in frustration), all 4 burners roaring way on the kitchen hob as I deal with lunch, making the beds, explaining to Ads that this is NOT the right time to start his homework...............heaving a big sigh of relief when S wakes up earlier than usual (because he came home before midnight for once!), cooking a second breakfast for Y (one that she will actually eat)........
S takes charge of the kids and heads off to the park with them for an hour. I plaster my face with a face pack, my hair with henna, make a cup of extra-strong ginger tea, and sink down before the laptop. The value of "me-time" has never been this appreciated.

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  1. yay aparna, face pack and all. can't remember when i last did that.
    no, i'm not trying to be mean but sonny woke up at 7.30 this morn and i desperately put him back to sleep, else i could have pasted my last saturday's routine...yes, Saturdays suck, as much as other days. For that mattermy Sundays are no better either
    And to think just a few years ago all time was me time, witjout such a cry for the "me" in it!


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