Thursday 2 April 2009

Grandma's musings

My mother sent me this note about Ads and I want to post it on the blog. A grandmother's perspective on my crazy adorable son would be interesting except that my mom decided that she wanted to remember only the nicest things about him. Hey, what about bringing on all the scary forgettable stuff? Selective memory, mom?
A little bit of delay on my part to share my experiences with Advaith, but then I was as usual attending to "Babies" here who missed my presence during the last six months! Kunjali, as i usually called Advaith is so adorable & the mere thought of him made us smile till of course little Yukta came along. Then we made ourselves available to both of them as much as we could, not missing any moment to be with them . The code word was 'living in the present' & we did just that. Advaith was our first grandchild & naturally we doted on him. We cherish the time we spent with him & enjoyed every moment of it. A nonstop chatterbox Rajee & thatha were his close friends who would heed all his demands. Thatha was his assistant in the fire-game & naani was the one who would construct the train tracks & play patiently with him. Our imaginary world of Jake, Steve, Bobby & Vishnu was so delightful. I was constantly devising new ideas like making a tent with a dupatta & sitting inside it, imagining us sitting in a boat & he would be thrilled & play along. A total introvert out of home he takes his own time to mingle with others. But once it is done there is no stopping him. A very emotional child, tears well in his eyes on trivial matters. He is often stubborn & throws tantrums. We rush to his rescue when his mom shouts at him like all grandparents because we cannot bear to see him cry! I can distinctly remember his so very naughty face when he flushed the toilet & smilingly & proudly told us that he has disposed off trash which was a bag full of paper! I can never forget the expression on Aps' face -she was just aghast!! He is such a cutie pie that we can never be angry with him. It is a sight to see him cuddle Yukta. So that is a bit of Advaith, grandma's pet. Thank you Ads for making me a child once again & forgetting all my worries & pains for a few months!

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