Wednesday 15 April 2009

Ad-lib #2

Ads is developing a much stronger American accent now that he goes to school everyday. One pronunciation which hasn't changed though (S calls it the "Sun TV pronunciation") is the way he says "computer" - Kum-peeter.
His grandmother has been teaching him shlokas and he is very happy to show off his new-found knowledge of "Buddhir balam", "Shantakaram" etc. He has a really good memory and it takes just a couple of repetitions for him to memorize things. Daadhi (as he calls S's mom) was telling him a story about Yashoda and Krishna and at one point Yashoda leaves Krishna and sits on the grass and he was curious to know what she was doing there. Was she painting her nails? (Yeah that's what his mommy does when she has some free time!) Was she using a lawnmower to mow the grass?
Now that he knows how to express his emotions, he is very quick to tell me when I displease him in some way. His standard comeback is "You are a bad mommy. I don't like you."
Ouch. That really really hurts.

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