Wednesday 1 April 2009

Whooosh....and a day is over

The weekdays are a blur. The weekends even more so. Life is happening at high-speed. I guess that's how it is in every family with two small children. My only true regret is that I don't seem to be enjoying Y's babyhood as much as I did Ads'. I simply don't get that much 1-on-1 time with her and when Ads is around, he makes sure he has the lion's share of my attention. So far, she has been low-maintenance but very soon she is going to get more mobile and more demanding. She has had one fall from the bed already (thank god for carpet), her neck and shoulder muscles are really strong now and she is trying really really hard to crawl.
All this constant activity and racing around has had one very pleasant side-effect. I now fit into all of my old trousers and jeans. Hurray for stress-induced weight loss! I have also managed to rip my favourite pair of blue jeans in the ankle and the knee, which gives me a very hip grunge look. It's all about being cool for your kids, right?
Today the school had a coffee-and-muffins fundraiser for the junior high's field trip to DC later in the summer. I picked up some muffins and a cup of simply delicious 7-spice organic "chai tea". I sat in the car in the school parking lot, getting my first caffeine fix of the day, and savouring not just the tea but the unexpected peace and silence. One of the many skills you learn after having kids, is how to recharge and re-energize yourself very quickly. 1 quick cup of tea, a short power nap or 5 minutes of silence, and I am good for the rest of the day.

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