Wednesday 27 April 2011

Almost two and a half

If I haven't said anything about Y on these pages lately, it has been because I often wonder - "What should I say?" She's just your average 2-year old. Maybe a lot more loquacious than some, but essentially the same. Not that I don't, like every other mum, think in the deepest recesses of my heart that she is a prodigy-in-the-making and far more advanced than any of her peers :) But I think what is different about me is that I recognize that the things I used to ooh and aah over with Ads, are things that every child does, and so they don't seem that special any more that Y does them.
I have to admit how Y is different, though. She scares all of us! We are all a wee bit afraid of her and Ads has even taken to calling her Baby-ji - a term of respect due to her diva-like behaviour. So her other nickname is Diva. Well, everyone knows what a diva does and how she behaves and ours is just the same, twisting other lesser souls around her little fingers and having the hapless males of the house dancing to her tunes!
Girls. They're just so...........much..........FUN!!
On a more sober note, if she's like this when she's 2, how will she be when she's 3? We're in for a bumpy ride, I can tell.


  1. Terrible twos and Thrilling Threes ... lots more to come :).

    I get what you mean about making a big deal out of EVERYTHING the first one does, and second time around its expected .. poor second siblings !! But they make up in getting their way by being the youngest for the rest of their lives i guess ;).

  2. It gets better. Depending on what your definition of better is. Am checking myself out in the mirror. Better looks pretty good, most days! :-D


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