Friday 1 April 2011

I did it! (err...she did it?)

You know those moms who tell you that their child got potty-trained in 3 days...or gasp....1 day flat and that was it? I've had many of those mom friends. I've envied them and I've also, oftentimes, thought they were just bluffing. I simply could not believe it, because it was such a Godawful freakishly hard experience to potty-train Ads that accepting that it could be done easily was somehow a testament to my incompetence and nincompoop-ness! I started training Ads when he was 18 months old (proof enough that starting earlier equals finishing later!) and it took more than one and a half years for him to get potty-trained. It was frustrating and exhausting, to say the least. 
I hoped against hope that Y would be easier. So many people had said that girls are easier to potty-train than boys. I am super-duper happy to report that my trooper has potty-trained herself, with little or no input from me,  in just a couple of days!!! Wow....those stories are really true...:) She's still in diapers when we go out and when she sleeps but I notice she's always dry so she looks like she's ready for a diaper-free existence as soon as I can locate that plastic sheet I'd kept aside for just this purpose :)
Why do I feel like I've achieved something when in fact all I've done is clap and cheer a few times?!!!


  1. hey envious!!! My sonny boy is 16 months now and I plan to start his training only at 18 months. I started a month ago but he refused to sit on the potty..and he still goes potty about 3-5 times a day, phew!!!...i'll party the day he is potty-trained..

  2. Congratulations dear.. that must be such a great feeling :). And there's nothing wrong with feeling responsible, after all - we're provided the genes so are ultimately responsible for everything aren't we ;).
    I remember the feeling of pride I had when my son surprizingly got night-trained so easily and with hardly any effort or steps taken on my part! This after all the stories of how boys can bed-wet for a long long time was such a big relief.

  3. Congrats Mommy!! With all that you have on hand it is indeed SOME success!! You’ll soon realize the bliss and compact living a ‘potty trained’ toddler comes with!! Celebrate and revel in it thoroughly!
    As a mom-to-be and a new mom, this was the biggest aspect that I dreaded (changing poopy diapers). All I wished for was a diaper free baby and I guess he:the baby not HIM: heard it ( fairly early…even before his first b’day) …and I will not talk about it and as to when he decided to get rid of his diapers (DH was not ready). He was one more child who proved the much touted ‘girls get it faster than boys’ wrong and wayyyy wrong.
    It will be a hazy memory and the past so quickly that please do take the time to party and celebrate (after all that effort and sacrifices) !! I mean it !!

  4. @Uma: The day will come -- soon! Keep the party ideas going :)
    @Aparna: Thanks dear; you lucked out with your son. I still hear of so many 5-6 year olds betwetting. That can be such a major pain.
    @Sury-a-day: Thanks :) I know, I'm sooo relieved!


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