Thursday 2 December 2010

Large motor skills, and tennis lessons

A few days back, we had another parent-teacher meeting at Ads' school. As expected his teacher gushed about him - what an ideal student he is, how he is very bright, how she thinks he's going to be a scientist or a Prof (!), how his Hindi skills are improving, and so on. She wants him to be a little more outgoing in terms of participating in music and dance activities, putting himself forward to act in class skits and generally "loosening" up. I have been working on this; every evening after their bath and dinner and before bedtime, we have a session of full-on Bollywood music and all three of us shake a leg. It started mainly because Y loves to dance; Ads was reluctant to join in but after seeing how much applause Y gets on her performance, he was driven to compete! He has definitely become more confident about dancing, even in public, though he's pretty stiff and definitely looks like he has two left feet :(
The other feedback given by Ads' teacher is about how uncoordinated he seems to be. We have been noticing for some time that he runs in a strange manner, all arms and legs flailing about anyhow. He also cannot run very fast, he is still lousy at catching or throwing a ball, and the general effect when engaged in sporting activities is a complete lack of orchestration. The teacher suggested that we develop his large motor skills by getting him to run and jog more, for starters. I have been doing that every evening with him, and yesterday I hesitatingly mooted the idea of tennis lessons. We have classes going on right in our complex. It seems like the best option for him. He doesn't like team sports, especially contact sports like soccer. I've been wondering what would be the smart/wise thing to do. Should I persuade him to give a team sport a chance or just direct him toward an individual sport? Should he be given a chance to get over his aversion to "violent" (his term!) sports or should I not pressurize him to do something he clearly does not enjoy? 
I did ask him whether he wanted to go for soccer classes, especially since one of his good friends is going, but he vehemently refused. Tennis, he seems more receptive towards. So for the last couple of days, we have been sitting in the tennis court for 15 minutes, watching the session, just to get him acclimatized. He starts next Tuesday. Hopefully, he will enjoy playing and his eye-hand coordination will also get a boost. 

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