Thursday 9 December 2010

Afternoon activities

I never seem to get any alone-time with Ads nowadays. By the time he gets back from school, cleans up, has a quick snack and we settle down to some activity, Y is generally up from her nap, often a little cranky and I have to give her the lion's share of my attention. So the infrequent days when she naps longer than usual, are times when Ads and I get some much-treasured one-on-one time together. This morning, while walking to the bus stop, we were talking about the human heart and he wanted to know how it worked. I gave him the basic dope but he had so many questions which I could not answer because he was the cynosure of all eyes today and other children and parents at the bus stop kept coming up to talk to him. He was dressed up in the garb of Arjuna (from Mahabharata), complete with shiny bow, mustache and crown! While walking to the bus stop, one of the uncles left Ads speechless by coming up to him, bowing deeply and saying "Namashkar namashkar"!
When he was at school, I looked up some videos on the cardiovascular and digestive system and we watched them together, Ads continually interrupting (and not listening!) to ask tons of questions. Then he wanted to read some "new" books, so I feel back on my favourite online resource, Tumblebooks. We read 3 books together, two of which he really enjoyed. Well, actually the reading was done by tumblebooks, we just listened and commented and giggled over the silly stories. Y was still asleep (stroke of luck!), so he helped me fix his afternoon snack - stuffed puris. He was asking me whether doctors are also scientists. Whew -- one question I can answer without running to refer an external source!
Then Y got up, in just a terrible terrifying mood. I couldn't handle her and handed her over to Ads, who generally does a better job than me :) 

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