Thursday 25 November 2010

It starts early in the morning

It’s very difficult for me to sneak away from the bed in the mornings. Most days, I try to get up by 6 (it’s getting harder now that winter is upon us) so that I get almost an hour to myself – brush my teeth without having someone hanging onto my knees, have a peaceful cup of ginger chai while browsing the news, and pack Ads’ school bag – all this before Ads wakes up. But Y has some sort of deadly accurate body clock that senses when I am up, and then she’s up too. There goes my peaceful early-morning routine! 
Last night, I was heading out of the bedroom when I saw her tossing and turning. In the dim almost-darkness of the room, I froze in mid-motion, not daring to move a muscle until I was sure she was asleep. I was so terrified she would wake up I swear I was barely breathing :)
I stayed motionless for almost a minute. My eyes were now accustomed to the darkness and what did I see? A pair of very bright eyes looking straight at me from the bed! She was staring at me, unblinking (Gawd, it was eerie!), probably wondering when I was going to start moving!
Every time I try to outsmart her, she proves that it cannot be done :(


  1. Good luck. My husband actually used to crawl out of daughter's room so that the angle of the light did not change to wake her up! Imagine the sight of a big, adult man doing this in reaction to a baby! :-D

    We have to get up at 6 to even get out by 7. My days of ginger tea are after they leave now!

  2. How ADORABLE!! ANd yes, i know what you mean about not being able to outsmart :)


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