Friday 10 October 2008

Why I'm blogging -- and why I should stick with it!

I am writing this blog for the same reason every other mother does – an online record to supplement the ever-increasing and selective memory loss that comes with the passage of time. Advaith my elder one is 3 now and sometimes I can’t remember specific events that happened when he was a baby or even a toddler (which, after all, was not so very long ago). I maintained a baby book for the first year of his life, and was it a dedicated effort! Every milestone and every toothy smile, every minor illness and every vacation, was faithfully recorded for posterity. But the only effort I have been capable of for the last 2 years has been a disciplined compilation of photographs which are then uploaded and organized on Flickr/Picasa. I’d like to do more with the second one on the way, and S points out that I have the fairly unique perspective of having parented a child in India and now in the US, and therefore I might have a different take on many issues. Perhaps.

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