Sunday 12 February 2012

Work, being houseproud, and in awe of those who do it all

I am seeing a distinct difference in my housekeeping behaviour ever since I started working (paid work, that is!). Where once I had the time to compulsively puff up cushions, tidy up toys, keep the kitchen gleaming, and dust behind the fridge; now the cushions lie sadly un-puffed, the toys are all over the place until the kids clean them up, the kitchen stays as only as gleaming as my maid wants, and the dust behind the fridge lies peaceful and undisturbed.
Good housekeeping is now, in the words of that magazine, only Good Enough Housekeeping.
Fortunately, the domestic help has (more or less) not been slacking off. I keep my expectations fairly low in this respect to keep down the stress levels! Y has settled down well in her daycare. As far as Ads is concerned, there is zilch difference in his routine. And work has been interesting and not a little challenging. 
So far, so good. The only change has been how little time I have now to attend to my personal stuff. I'm in absolute awe of all those women who head out to the office every single day after finishing up a day's worth of cooking and caretaking. On the days when I have my meetings and have to head to Delhi, it's absolute chaos at home especially since S's schedule is super inflexible and I can't expect him to cover for me, most of the time.
So that's the update from here. Leaving you with a pic of the little lady, playing her favourite game. Which is, packing up and going off on a trip. She has her "suitcase" hanging from the handlebar (an old battered shoe box), her helmet and her backpack. All ready to set off and see the world. Looks like she inherited the right genes, what? :))


  1. yes, when I worked full-time, my house used to be in a sorry shape during the weekdays..
    am also in awe of people who manage to do it all.
    loved the snap! :-)

    1. Thanks uma...yup when i didn't have kids the house used to look like a war zone. Now when i have them, its actually cleaner :)

  2. Congrats on the return to work (paid types that is!)

    And delightful pic!

  3. :) Very cute photo of her! True moms' genes at work! She will be a globe trotting exec one day!
    Hey - come on - there is only so much house keeping one can do with the time at hand. Don't even worry about it!

  4. @noon. Thanks. I thot the pic was cute too!

  5. Ha ha. I like the term 'Good enough housekeeping'. Is a good way to describe my housekeeping. Some weekends, I am terribly kicked when I have a couple of hours to rearrange the dust here and there


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