Wednesday 15 February 2012

Alternate professions

I was having a light-hearted conversation with a friend the other day, about what profession we would have chosen, if we weren't doing what we're doing now. It started with her telling me she admires how organized and well-planned I am and then of course I had to return the compliment by praising some aspect of her personality :) Anyway, in this you-scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours convo, we started to list down apt alternate professions for each other and even after we'd parted, I was still thinking about it. It was fun to make that list and I thought I'd share it here :)

Careers at which I would have rocked - in no particular order.
1. I would have made a kick-ass secretary or office assistant. You know the type where your boss will definitely die if you leave the job ;) His professional life would have been so organized he would pay me the earth and of course I'd make sure that he is incredibly dependent on me and helpless without me :) These kind of assistants are generally loathed by the rest of the office!
2. Doctor - the family doc type and the specialist, not the surgeon (I'd be all thumbs!). I would have just the right bedside manner (or clinic manner, since no docs come home nowadays). I'd be empathetic, sympathetic and never over-medicate. It would also satisfy my deep inner need to be of some good to society so I think I'd take the job very seriously.
3. The military life, with its organization and regimentation is also something that might appeal to the Virgo in me. Physical courage is not really my forte, but I may have done well in functions like engineering or ordnance.
4. I'd have liked to be an editor. I like working to deadlines and although writing creatively and well is not always possible for me, one can always come up with tons of ideas and generally boss the lowly writers around :) Maybe I could have worked my way up from being a features writer to editing. 
5. A travel consultant. My dream job!!!!! Having all the inside dope on exotic destinations, planning people's itineraries and organizing their trip - well, maybe I can still do this some day!
6. Life coach. Just a gut feel.

Careers at which I would have sucked - big-time.
1. Anything requiring oodles of creativity. Advertising (the creative function), writing (again, creative writing), music, painting.....there's no question of learning to do any of this stuff because the talent simply isn't there. I admit it. (No hard feelings, mom and dad! :)) Hard work can only take you so far in these professions!
2. Anything requiring dealing with creative people, like celebrity and event management. Don't think I can take the pressure. 
3. Number-crunching jobs - investment banking, treasury, even accounting. Can't do it.
4. Teaching - hmmmm...this is a little tricky because I enjoy some kinds of teaching. I've done interview-cracking workshops, group discussion workshops, I've even taught Math and basic accounting to college students. I can't teach young kids anything. How sad is that statement from a mother of 2 young kids? :(( I would have definitely been a disaster as a preschool teacher. 

Then there are those professions where you know you are competent but which you don't like. For example, I've been in the sales function for several years. I know I can do the job well but I hate it. Similarly, jewellery design and jewellery-crafting. I think I'd be good at it (I mean, all of us are creative to some extent!) and enjoy it but have no way of knowing for sure until I have time on my hands and can take a class and take the interest further.

I'd love to know what your alternate professions would be. Post a comment or write a post about it and let me know :)


  1. Hey, the Virgo thing plays up - I wud make an excellent secretary/assistant too :)
    I was already into writing and editing - which I thoroughly enjoyed - Life coach - oh yes - btw your post reminded me of a conversation way back in college - I was told the amount of BS I can get away with I could open a Yuvika channel (on the lines of astha channel) where saffron and preach good things to the world - and everybody wud say what siddhi at such a young age :P :P

    1. Ha ha yes u shd have taken that suggestion seriously. Not too late to start now! :) Tho I haven't seen too much evidence of all that BS :)

    2. aah u have been one of the lucky few to have been saved my 'moh-maya' talk :)

  2. I have been meaning to comment on this since the time I read it first. Now I found the time (and peace)..:-)
    I think 1,3,4 and 5 under rocking careers catches my fancy too, although I wouldn't want to be an office assistance. I'd get bored of the same work in no time.
    am not too sure of 6. I fear people will laugh at
    Again 2, 3 and 4 under "not-for-me" careers will spell disaster for myself and the people around me..:-)
    Hmm...although am creatively inclined in a way, cannot boast of "thinking out of the box" aptitude.

    1. actually u are right. I too am creatively inclined (as u say, "in a way" :)) but thinking out of the box is often a challenge :)

  3. I would be good at being a counselor, a fund raising coordinator for non profits, market planning for interesting products, doc the way you describe...
    BTW - are you one of those neat freaks - everything in its place in the house, you know exactly how many dabbas you have and where types?! Makes me jealous really. I feel so tired of cleaning and organizing. It never stays that way.

    1. market planning for interesting products???? U shd be in my job -- its part of what i do :)
      I'm quite neat yes. Of course I pale in comparison with my mom who thinks i'm quite disorganized :)

  4. Aps, I dont think you are good for the military life...way too regimental....they wont answer you when at the time of war you want to know 'why war?"

    On the other hand, I think you will make a great writer.your blog is proof enough of that.

    1. On the other hand, sumanya, i'm also very obedient, so I may not question at all :)
      Oh well, writing a blog is one thing, and creative writing another. But if chetan bhagat can make so much money, why can't i???


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