Thursday 11 November 2010


We visited Akshardham, that stunning edifice to Bhagwan Swaminarayan, last weekend. Although S and I rarely visit temples, we made an exception for this one because it looks so lovely (especially at night with all that cunning lighting) and also because they have a few “exhibitions” which we thought Ads would enjoy. Boy, he did and HOW! I thought he was going to join the Swaminarayan cult right then and there! He was suitably amazed and overawed at everything - the marble carvings of various Hindu gods and goddesses, the giant stone sculptures of lions and elephants,  the musical fountain, and the robotized depictions of Swaminarayan’s life.
What all of us enjoyed the most was the boat ride which meandered through India’s ancient Vedic history, offering snapshots of major achievements in the sciences, arts and technology. S called it an executive summary of ancient Indian history! Ads was mesmerized with every exhibit and didn’t know which way to look – left, right or behind!
I will admit freely that it was all very well-done, well-organized and cleverly-marketed, not to omit how clean the whole complex was (no mean feat considering the throng there on all days). To someone who is as interested in history as Ads is, it was an absolute treat. S and I have been wondering whether there are any good gurukuls in NCR – why on earth are we paying for an international school?!!! J

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