Sunday 15 August 2010

Uff teri ada

My mil says Y will become a very good HR person (that field sure needs some good people!). Her school vice-principal and teachers says she is a "leader". It would be interesting to see how much of leadership qualities she goes on to display in the future. For now, the power balance between the siblings is equal; if there is a slight tilt, it is surely in favour of Y.  
The funny thing is that she's not that gregarious. She takes her own sweet time to warm up to people, and she doesn't exhibit that wild excitement that still consumes Ads when we go to somebody's place or have visitors over at ours. But the overall impression is of mischief and a strong will. 
Her sense of humour is wicked and satirical, and therefore quite sophisticated for a toddler. She loves to tease. If about to indulge in inappropriate behaviour, she considers the moment wasted if there are no witnesses! For example, one of her favourite activities (which she has toned down a lot nowadays after several verbal lashings from all!) is to throw things down from our 4th floor balcony. But what's the fun in doing that if there are no spectators, right? So she will dangle a nice dress (or my watch, or cellphone) through the railing and call out "Amma, paaru!" and calmly watch me as I make a mad dash for the article, letting go at absolutely the last minute when I am this close to grabbing it from her.
And then, the piece de resistance: "Amma, sorry sollu"
The gall of the woman! And mind you, for this piece of cheek, she gets an instant hug and kiss from me - talk about charming the birds from the trees!
Both the kids have developed the habit of collecting different varieties of leaves and flowers as we play in the complex every evening. Y makes her anna collect several samples for her. The simple fellow wades through puddles, reaches up high into tall shrubs, and bends into bushes to collect the wanted leaves and flowers. She takes it from him, looks up at him for a minute with a half-smile and mischief glinting in those eyes, and very deliberately throws away the leaf/flower and coolly walks away while he looks on open-mouthed.
I can only say: Uff, teri ada. What a song! For your listening pleasure.

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  1. Interesting read.. the lady surely knows how to keep men(and dare I say women?) on a leash :)


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