Saturday 7 August 2010

Missing Ads returns to this blog

If Ads has been missing from this blog for quite some time, it's because, at this particular juncture, Y occupies a much larger share of my mind, time and attention. It's been often said that the crying baby gets more milk, and so it is with Y and Ads. The latter is so much more independent; he washes his own hands, eats on his own; fetches his own water/juice; dresses himself to a large extent; attends to his own peeing (!), and largely amuses himself with various imaginary games and with drawing.
In consequence, he has been suffering from benign maternal neglect. 
Every now and then, he will come up with some strange words and phrases which will crack me up! For example, a few weeks ago, he saw me studying and asked me whether I was "reading to be an office-woman"! Yesterday, he was annoyed with me because he had asked me for a particular brand of chocolate and I said "Maybe tomorrow". He responded "You always say tomorrow! You have become a tomorrow-lady!"
His 5th birthday falls on the 25th of this month and on the 28th I'm planning a small party at home. I've already started planning for this - my organized Virgo instincts are kicking into high gear! 

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