Saturday 14 August 2010

Independence day

Ads' class conducted an assembly for the primary school (KG1 and KG2) last week and the theme was "Unity in Diversity". He was supposed to dress up as a Malayali and his lines were:
I am Advaith. I am from Kerala. I speak Malayalam. I love eating coconuts. Thank you.
The parents are invited to attend the assembly and I duly landed up. All the kids spoke so well. I was impressed. Advaith wore a veshti, white shirt and angavastram.
The next day, I had to come up with a costume for Y. Her teacher asked me to dress her up as a leader because she anyway behaves like one! I recycled the same veshti material to improvise on a 2-piece saree. My plan was to get her to wrap it around her head like Indira or Sonia Gandhi but she was having none of that! She fidgeted and complained so much during the dressing-up that I almost gave up in frustration. But that effort was worth it. I created one cute pint-size politician!

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