Wednesday 21 July 2010

Y's first few days of school

Y has been going to school for 5 days now, slowly moving upto staying there for 90 minutes (without me). Overall, the transition has been going as well as expected for one so young. She cries when I hand her over to the teacher, but I am told she is easily distracted and stops once there is some other amusement to be had. The playschool director told me she would probably not cry at all if only she were not in the "settlers" class, where all the kids are new and on an average half the class is bawling at any given point in time! Probably, but there it is and we have to make the best of it.
It has been interesting to compare my reactions to this first separation from each of my children. With Ads, I was worried and agitated. But Y......... I let her go with far less anxiety. I am older, more experienced, hopefully wiser and more zen about a lot of things nowadays. None of that excitable nervous state which was a staple emotion those first few days of being separated from Ads.
Today, Y walked out of her class clutching a big white plush rabbit. Apparently she had been clutching it for more than an hour and staunchly resisting any attempts to wean her way from the rabbit. It was almost as tall as her. The rabbit in one hand, a toy dog in the other, backpack on shoulders - she could barely walk!

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