Saturday 26 December 2020

Winding down 2020

We are spending a week at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. A summer destination for most, but I will take it in the winter any day. Take away the heat, humidity, and crowds and give me some peace and quiet, warmer temperatures than our place in Virginia, and a chance to do nothing. I have been surprised by the beautiful trails here. Maritime forests with oaks, beeches, and hickories jostle against massive sand dunes on the Atlantic Ocean. It has been a real pleasure to go hiking on these beautiful trails where we have most often not seen a single soul. 
Come December, we are usually on a vacation hundred or thousands of miles from home, flying here and there, keeping to a rigid schedule. This year has been so different.  We go back, and we have another week before the winter vacation ends and kids get back to their school routine. I somehow like this much more than our usual crazy holiday plans! But then this year has thrown all rules out of the window.
The vaccine is out. There is some hope at the end of this long tunnel. We have our annual family meeting scheduled for next week where we will talk about how the year has been, and our individual goals for 2021.
As I note down all that I managed to accomplish (and not achieve) in 2020, I realize, yet again, that there is so much to be grateful for. I have been nourished by the company of my kids and husband, the fulfillment of doing useful work, by zoom conversations with family and friends, by the indulgence in my many hobbies. I hope 2021 will help us get back to pre-covid normal, but I hope some of the good habits formed during 2020 will stick! 

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