Wednesday 16 December 2020

When you think of me (poem)

 Cross-published on Medium.

When you think of me

How will you remember me, I wonder? 

Furtive I crept in, to consume you.

Will you remember me as an interlude?

A pause, a reset, a time for repose?

Or will you only recollect 

the hunger, the chaos, and the misery?

The injustices, the rebellions;  

the battles we won and lost? 

The children you held close, 

the families that entwined and unraveled?

The people you grieved for?

The causes you held dear, 

and those you couldn’t even see 

through your tinted lenses.

Layer upon layer, you and I,  

we build our shared history.

What sense will you make of me?

My turmoil might yet colour

the remainder of your days.

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