Thursday 20 October 2011

Chinese-style noodles

I remember making Chinese-style noodles a couple of times when I had just got married and they had been quite edible. However I am not a big fan of Chinese food and so noodles haven't figured in our menu in any major way. A couple of times after moving to Gurgaon, I tried making them for the kids' lunch but I must have got the wrong kind of noodles because all I ended up was a major sticky overcooked mess which I had to throw into the bin, so inedible was it. Does anyone have any fundas on what kind of noodles I should buy for a Chinese stir-fry recipe? What I now have is something called a Rice Stick which is super-easy to cook (just soak in hot water for a few minutes) and does not get sticky in the wok. 
Heat 1 tbsp olive/veg oil in a shallow pan and stir fry veg. I throw in anything I have - cabbage, baby corn, sweet corn, peppers, beans, carrots. Add the cooked noodles, salt, pepper, chinese seasoning (I get a mixed herbs/spices box from the grocery store), soy sauce, vinegar (the latter two are optional; my kids don't enjoy the flavouring too much so I add very little) and mix well over a low flame and voila!! On ocassion I have added peanuts and scrambled eggs as well. 

I've been making these noodles a couple of times for school/work lunches and they turn out okay (well...atleast no one has complained yet ;)). If someone has a better recipe, please do share :)


  1. I am not the right person in this matter since even I do not fancy chinese as much as the better-half. But I tried the ching's hakka noodles pack and they are good. the first time they turned gooey but the second time, i found out the knack of doing i had a happy R and happy hubby..:-)

  2. Looks really nice - I'm craving Chinese now - why did I read your blog just before dinner ? :) We're big Chinese fans, but am beginning to dislike ordering out because most places are so inconsistent!

    I also use Chings Hakka Noodles - though I manage to make it non-sticky I don't think it's too palatable by lunchtime when it's cold :(. Usually only use it for dinner when it can be eaten hot.

  3. Ok, I haven't tried Chings noodles lately - I think that's what I used the first couple of times when I tried this recipe, aeons ago. I have to see whether our local supermarket stocks Chings.

  4. The maida noodles do end up stick. Try rice noodles, all that is needed is soaking in hot water for cooking, come out real well, non sticky and absorb flavour well. I can't find the flat rice noodles here on a regular basis, am sure Delhi is different - we even found authentic Thai spices fresh at regular veggie stores. Very J.

  5. yummy yummy noodle mummy
    okie i'm guilty of not cooking such yum and nutrotious stuff in a loong time...just read ur maggi recipe too and like apster said i'm drooling...coz i'm eating boring chapati-subji from my dabba at work now and would rather gobble up ur noodles.
    here's my trick for un-sticky noodles -- first bring water to a boil, add a few drops of cooking oil, (salt if u like). put in the raw noodle -- keep stirring gently and constantly check. Just before its cooked to the consistency u like (al dente), switch off the gas and immediately drain the hot water completely. Immediately after that run cold water on it, drain completely and set aside. should work. same works for pasta and macaroni too.

  6. oooopps ok, sorry meant nutritious there, not notorious like it sounds in my previous comment.

  7. Aparna

    i am an on-off reader of your blog. Had to comment on this one because noodles is a big life saver both as in-home meals and when packed for school lunch.
    In India we would buy the Licia Egg Noodles. The trick is after the noodles is boiled, wash in cold water and toss with some oil. This way the noodles will stop cooking any further and the strands will remain separated.

    Ching's is okay too though not as thin as I like. I often do maggi same way i.e. boil, drain water, wash in cold water, toss in oil and then with recipe of your choice.

    A quick recipe I do for the kids is
    Please adjust according to your taste.

    You can pack this in a thermos kind of hotpot for lunch. For smaller kids, snip the strands for lunch box for non-messy easy eating.

  8. Thanks sangitha and forever mother for your tips.
    @Bongmom: Thanks, your recipe sounds good, I'm going to try it!


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