Thursday 4 August 2011

Tagged! Why I read

I've been tagged by Aparna of Life as a Mom to write a post on Why I Read (Thanks, Aparna!). I've been reading for as long as I remember. My more vivid early memories are not of people or places but of Noddy and Amelia Jane, which I think sums up the role books play in my life. In the last few years, after the babies came along and other responsibilities took over, I haven't read as much or as voraciously as I used to; but even today, the feel of a book in my hands is one of my life's greatest pleasures.
Why I read is very simple. I don't read as a form of escapism. I read because very early on, I realized that there is magic in the written word. This magic permits me to do two things. One, enjoy various aspects of life vicariously, without moving an inch (one reason why I love books and blogs about travel). Two, it can move me the way nothing else can. People are moved by different things - maybe art, perhaps movies or music. Maybe something else. But nothing in the non-real world excites feelings of wonder, adventure, joy and sorrow for me as much as a good book. I've been known to be found reading, tears streaming down my face and sniffing sorrowfully; or walking around with a broad smile the whole day while reading a funny book!
Sometimes, when I am very fortunate, I find a book that may or may not have a superb plot line but is so well-written, so powerfully-expressed, words used so tellingly and so mindblowingly that I am just awestruck with the writer's artistry and just...the way he can take the right words and twist them around and put them together to create that perfect symphony of language. I think -- that's when I love reading the most. 
I tag Sangitha and Yuvika. Hope to hear from you, ladies!


  1. The style and art of writing is something that needs to appeal to me too!
    Enjoyed reading through this Aparna..

  2. Great to read your viewpoint on this Aparna!
    It was wonderful to find through this tag how many of us mommy/daddy bloggers who had shared views and experiences on parenting, have a common bond here too :).
    Btw I am also a big Enid Blyton fan, forgot to mention that one. So much so that I bought Famous Fives, and St. Clares/Malory Towers after I started working because I wanted to get my hands on them again :).

  3. A lovely tag. Shall do for sure.

  4. Here goes.

  5. Enid blyton...don't get me started...:) I think my childhood would have been atleast 50% less happy if she hadn't been around :) Btw there's a new biography of hers out - heard good reviews but the name of the book escapes me.

  6. Very nicely written Aparna! I especially loved the lines "I've been known to be found reading, tears streaming down my face and sniffing sorrowfully; or walking around with a broad smile the whole day while reading a funny book!"
    I do the same with every book , go through the emotions in the book.

  7. Thank you simran!!! Yes a lot of books touch me that way.

  8. Completed the tag here: :)

  9. Nice post Aparna ..
    I could totally relate to the Amelia Jane and Noddy for I grew up with them too .. Thanks to my dad, he inculcated the reading habit in me while I was very young .. I still remember images of a little me walking across the library shelves .. And now the not so little me still walks across the same library, but across different sections :)
    I love to read vivid descriptions of nature and its beauty .. It simply transports me to the place being described ..
    And yes, the word play, I just love them!!
    One of my favorite authors is Jane Austen .. I have read Pride and Prejudice atleast 5 times :)
    Now I can go on and on but don't want to write a loooong boring comment in my excitement :)

    You write very well Aparna .. Enjoyed reading your posts about your cute kids :)

    Do you write another blog too? Remember seeing it in your profile once but not able to view it anymore .. If yes, do give me the link ..
    And keep writing ..

    1. Thanks Aarthy,, for reading and commenting! It was nice to read about why you read...and Jane austen is one of my favorites too....though I think Emma is my fav there.
      I did write another blog but hardly update it. The link is here:
      Hopping over to check out your blog now:)


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