Thursday 20 January 2011

Ads annoying habits

What's this annoying habit many kids have of not being able to support their own weight when they are standing someplace with you? It happens all the time with Ads. Waiting at the bus stop, he leans against me, so that I have to constantly stagger and try to maintain my balance. In line at grocery stores, malls, even at the park, he's standing there but resting most of his weight on me. IT is SO irritating! It's like he's so tired (read bored) that he can't even be bothered to support himself and I have to do it for him. I keep pushing him away but he rebounds, like a rubberband. I've now started annoying him by holding him at arm's length so that he cannot lean on me. As he leans in, I stay where I am but stretch out my arm so that he doesn't come near me. It's not a solution but atleast I'm not the only one irritated!
Another habit that bugs me - the way he calls out Amma - A-mmm-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???? Repeat multiple times without giving me a chance to respond and saying Amma so loudly that he wouldn't hear my response over the din he's making. Really, the sound makes me go ballistic. And since he keeps calling me for something or the other every half-hour, we hear the word around a LOT. He used to call me mommy until some months ago and there are days I wish he would go back to it. Mo-mmmmm-yyyyy didn't create the same feeling of irritation!
Such an affectionate, maddening, emotional child. I don't know any 5-year old (boys) who still want to sit on their mother's lap and kiss and cuddle them like there's no tomorrow. Love you, Ads. I feel like a cheapo for cribbing about the little eccentricities (which will become endearing when I look back after a few years) but aaah, it did feel good to blow off some of that steam :)


  1. Probably he runs around and plays a lot more than you notice and the pains of doing so manifest themselves only during these idle periods such as standing at a mall??.. I remember I used to constantly demand that my legs be pressed by my dad when I went to bed in my childhood days!
    I've noticed that the children sometimes yearn for those golden days when mommy used to cuddle them endlessly through day and night and probably just cannot come to accept that it will naturally diminish as they grow up!

  2. The Amma call rings a bell with me too.. happens a lot in my household :) I managed to make my 5 year old understand that she should "please" call me once or twice and then wait for a reply before calling again. But now it's started with my younger one too ... Phew here we go again!


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