Tuesday 29 June 2010

Encouraging words

My girl-destined-for-Bollywood-or-Kollywood has been obsessed with the Raavan song - Beera Beera. She likes the Hindi version more than the Tamil version for some reason. Can't deny that the foot-thumping number is one of my current favourites too, and we have been playing it on youtube several times a day, whenever Y comes upto me and says (pointing to the laptop) - Beeya beeya! Peese?
One of her new words are Commocayyot. Take a wild guess as to what it could possibly mean. It's pomegranate! Her other new words are Thallu (Move in Tamil), Peese (please) and Wait. Ever so often, she will admire Anna's drawing and encouragingly say "Anna - nice!"


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