Friday 11 December 2009

Snapshot - 30 minutes in the life of Ms Y

Climb on dining room chair, and from chair onto dining table. Methodically throw down on floor all of Anna's crayons and assorted drawing tools, also his precious artwork. Climb down to carpet, start chewing crayons, markers and bits of paper until Amma stops her.
Toddle over to bookshelf and bring back a book for Amma to read. Amma tells her it is Anna's book. Throw down that book in disgust. Toddle back to bookshelf and bring back more age-appropriate book.
Sit down on Amma's lap. Read book. Go get another. Read that one.
Amma says " Please play with your toys for a few minutes, Y, while I finish cooking". Toys = paper cups, paper plates and plastic cutlery in a cupboard right under Amma's feet. Start throwing plates and cups all over kitchen floor. Amma silently cursing Appa for not installing child locks on kitchen cupboards inspite of being reminded 10,000 times. When alumninum foil starts being chewed on, Amma picks up Y and deposits her near the toy basket.
Looks at 122 toys the basket and decides that none of them are worth playing with. A couple are worth chewing though. Mmmmm.
Horribly bored. Stands next to amma and whines until Amma picks her up.
Kiss amma. Practice saying "amma, appa, anna, bow bow, quack quack."
After 10 seconds, get bored of being held. Push pudgy knees against Amma's chest while simultaneously propelling herself backward by pressing toes against Amma's stomach. Treatment is successful (as usual) - Amma lets go.
Run to couch, leap casually onto it, then climb to the very top, near headrest. Rock back and forth on the recliner, all the while shouting and laughing gleefully.
Climb down from couch, toddle to kitchen, rummage through drawer where extra groceries are stored. Decide that maggi masala packet beongs to the trash can. Throw it in trash can. Decide that popcorn packet should ideally be in laundry basket. Hurtles to laundry basket, open it and throw popcorn packet in. Laundry basket lid falls on top of hand. Wail in distress until Amma retreives hand and soothes ouchie.
Drama queen continues to shed crocodile tears until appropriate amount of fuss has been made, and kisses bestowed.
Kicks amma in belly, demands to be let down.
Amma tries to engage her in some constructive activity, like beading. Beads are examined, licked, (almost) swallowed and finally chucked at various things around the house. Some roll under couch/bed where they will lie in oblivion for several days.
Helps amma unload dryer, carry a few clothes to the bed.
As amma folds the clothes, finger anna's socks. Walk with socks to bathroom, throw socks into the toilet.
Amma is furious, so some tears are shed (again!)
Plonked into the highchair. Lunch time. Blow raspberries at Amma and spatter food all over the high chair tray and Amma.
And so it goes on....


  1. Hahahahaha... I was picturing the scenes as i was reading.. and yes however exasperating some parts were when we were actually in the middle of it, it's so wonderful to look back at it and think about how the kids are growing up so fast :). Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Awwwww
    This is priceless!

    I could picture the scene too, as I was reading this! :)


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