Friday 4 December 2009

Ad-lib #3

Conversations with Ads are becoming more interesting by the day.

Ads: Is Hanuman real?
Me: He is real if you believe that he is real. Do you think he's real?
Ads: Actually yes. He's right next to me with his gadai (mace). He protects me.
I stay mum because I don't want to have this conversation just then :(

Ads (whining when we drag him through downtown Santa Barbara): I don't want to walk. I'm tired.
Me: Just a little more okay?
Ads: Mommy I want to tell you something. I don't like such trips where you make me walk so much.
Me: Ok baby, this is the last such trip ok? (Yeah right!)
Ads: But I should keep an open mind right?
Me: What?
Ads: I should keep an open mind. The Berenstain Bears Mama bear said so. (in the episode where the bear cubs were complaining just like Ads and their mom tells them to keep an open mind and look for interesting things while travelling - I was surprised how he could correlate the two situations)
Me: Yay for the Berenstain Bears Mama Bear!

Ads: Amma, when I grow up, I want to be a Appa.
Me: You mean you want to have kids?
Ads: Yes. But I need to find a mommy too right?
Me: Yup. You can marry someone.
Ads: I will marry some aunty (Nooooo!)
Me: Yes...some girl that you like. How many kids will you have?
Ads: Two. One boy and one girl. No, actually, I will have two boys. I don't like girls.
Me: (No answer to that one :))

Ads: I don't like this soup amma.
I try to coax him into drinking it up.
Ads: I want to have a hole in my neck. Then I can pour food that I don't like, into that hole.
What a terrific idea! We could all have two mouths, and all the yummy stuff could go into one, and all the healthy and yucky-tasting stuff could be poured into the other hole so that we wouldn't have to taste it!


  1. adorable! i love this...would love to catch up with ads at this stage in his life...

  2. LOL :) esp the last one :) Hole indeed.. kids to zap us with such ideas, don't they ?


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