Saturday 18 July 2009

The ups and downs of parenting without help

My in-laws were in LA for the last week for a sightseeing jaunt and so S and I have had our second dose of managing two kids without our parents to help us out. It hasn't been too bad, all things considered. Fewer number of people in the house translates into less cooking, less cleaning, less laundry and less dishwashing. And, it turns out, fewer tantrums from Ads' end as well. With no grandma around to support him against the evil mommy and her inflexible rules, he has mellowed down and accepted me as the Ultimate Boss............YES!!! The few fits that he does throw to enliven up each day, never last for more than a few minutes when faced with parents who completely ignore him and pretend he is not having a meltdown.
On the other hand, with no one around to take the kids off our hands for even a few minutes, I have not managed to do any studying. I had refrained for even planning to study this week, knowing that it would only lead to disappointment. With Y experiencing intense separation and strange anxiety nowadays, she has been literally attached to my hip for most of the last week.
With Ads in summer school for the next one month and in-laws back again tonight, I'm hoping I will get some studying done at last.

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