Wednesday 15 July 2009


It was a hot day today, with temperatures in the 90s. Y and I dropped Ads at his gymastics class and then moved to the adjoining park for some fresh air. I placed our picnic blanket on the ground. This particular park has a lot of trees and is very shady. Lying there under a canopy of trees, the sweet-smelling grass soft underneath my feet, and one very cute baby playing alongside - it was a peaceful and relaxing interlude in the midst of the typical exhausting day.
Never mind that I never got around to reading the latest issue of the Economist that I had, in a fit of foolish optimism, brought along with me. Never mind that every third second, I was putting my fingers into Y's mouth and extracting blades of grass that she was solemnly chewing on.
Y didn't seem to mind the constant interruptions as she chewed the cud, and neither did I.

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