Tuesday 17 March 2009

First parent-teacher conference

S and I had the first parent-teacher meeting at Ads' school yesterday and the report has been very good. Not that we expected anything else. Ads' is the quintessential good student. His teacher describes him as "very gentle, helpful and quiet". Apparently he explores all the materials in the classroom and has been listening in on the lessons other children get, thereby absorbing extra information. In a mixed-age classroom such as his, sometimes they learn things one wouldn't expect. The other day, he came and told me that "There is a place called Ukraine". He had been listening to an older kid getting a geography lesson!
His teacher also mentioned how she had observed him spend more than 20 minutes concentrating on a drawing. He has always been interested in art and craft. Yesterday I got him some new markers and he spent the evening colouring, making "greeting cards" for all of us. Here's a sample.

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