Tuesday 9 June 2020

An ode to 20 years (poem)

As the memories flood back, let me just narrate 
what happened to us on this red-letter date.  
The invitations to the relatives and associates 
told them just when and where to congregate. 

For it was on this date that we tied the knot
There wasn't all this technology then, 
No AC in the hall, and believe me it was hot!
Bear with me as I relive it all again. 

I'd been roused at an unearthly hour
for makeup and hair, that important stuff. 
But excitement was the emotion du jour; 
for staving off sleep, it was enough.

The guests yapped, the priests droned;
I was kind of hungry, but demurely I sat.
Outwardly smiled, inwardly groaned,
filling the time with inconsequential chat 

With the future spouse; 
we joked and laughed, eliciting a scold
from the priest who had a grouse;
apparently, we weren't doing what we were told.

The rituals are almost over, we think.
But wait! this is a tambrahm wedding, 
and it simply cannot be this quick.
This is exactly what we'd been dreading.

As the thaali was tied,
my father, with enthusiasm multiplied
pulled my elaborate braid to the side. 
That was the beginning of the sartorial downslide.

The makeup turned oily and smeared
all over my face, which looked purple.
The nine-yard drape crushed, it appeared
like I had been travelling in a Virar local.

My poor bridegroom fared worse;
his dhoti had risen up to his knees. 
This garment, with attitude perverse, 
defying gravity, now resembled a pair of capris.

The photos were hideous, the video hilarious.
Our kids really need to see it sometime.
It beats Noah and Seinfeld, I am serious.
Thusly, we became partners in crime.

The wedding is but one day, for all the fuss that's made.
Picture-perfect or not, how does it matter?
Now our faces have lines, and our hair has greyed.
He is thinner, and I am fatter :(

Its been 20 years, believe it or not
since that sweltering summer's day.
It's fair to say we learnt a lot
as we walked together along life's way.

The truth is, it's been a blast.
We've had our bumps and lows for sure.
But this partnership was built to last;
succeed thrive and endure.

Now that I've used up my limited stock of verse, 
it's time to end this composition.
Though I have been less than terse, 
I hope you enjoyed this disquisition!

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