Friday 22 January 2016

Mad mornings

One of the things both kids have been REALLY good about ever since they were babies, is getting up in the morning without a fuss. S and I were very fuss-free children (so we have been told!), so maybe some good habits hardwired there, but I feel grateful for it every single day especially on school days when things are super-crazy around home. I am up before 5 am, and by 5.30 the washing machine is whirring, the cooker is whistling, the microwave pings ever so often, and anyone who wants to sleep in has basically given up on that bright idea :)
My cook arrives at 5.45, and the maid shortly after. Ads is up at 6, and by 6.20 we are a madhouse. The easiest part of the morning is waking up Ads. A light touch, a tight hug and a kiss is all that's required and he is off on his own. All I have to do is set his morning milk in front of him. After that, not a sound from him until he appears, fully ready at 6.40. There are some light skirmishes and tension on days when the school tie doesn't get knotted properly, or some printout is suddenly remembered at the last minute :) Some yelling and tears may happen then to infuse the day with the required amount of drama - after all, what's life without small doses of excitement eh? :)
With Y, it's a little harder as she finds it hard to wake up that early, so the right combination of cajoling, affection and threats need to be used :) The idea is not to piss her off too early, because she has to be in a frame of mind to bear the daily scolding over slow consumption of breakfast, wastage of food, and combing of hair :)
Sometimes I wonder what my kids will look back and think about this crazy morning routine (and crazy mom!). I remember, on cold winter days, my dad waking us up by the simple expedient of removing the razai under which we were huddled. It used to be the most irritating thing in the world but it did the trick! Sometimes I try the same trick with Y but I think you need to live in colder climes for it to be successful!


  1. Wow, 5 is early for me Aparna, and getting up in the winters here is tough, i tend to press the snooze button ever so often. & finding a cook to arrive at that time, how did you manage that?

    1. I am a huge morning person, can't function after 6 pm :) At that time of the morning, the cook and I are both fresh and productive :))

  2. Hahaha..the razai pulling bit set me appa had this habit of bugging me by tapping my shoulder consistently till I woke up- that dull but firm kind of tap with a steady rhythm! Thankfully, R is also a morning person. Some good karma there :-p


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