Wednesday 13 May 2015

Summer 2015 (Ads)

This is Ads' summer routine. 

6 am: Up from bed
6.40 am: In the car, munching at breakfast. Granddad has cricket coaching chaperoning duty!
10 am: Return home. Swallow some coconut water/juice. Go down to play. Cricket, what else. 
12 noon: Back home. If lucky, he hasn't been yelled at by me for coming back late/not wearing a cap etc etc.
1 pm: Bath and lunch over. Fight with sister also accomplished. Amma nags incessantly to take a nap. Fed up, he retreats to his room. Half an hour later, he's either fast asleep or tossing and turning. 
3 pm: Milk and almonds/fruit time. Now he starts nagging Amma. When can I go down to play? 
3.30 -4.30 pm: Phone calls incoming & outgoing, making plans with friends on where and when to meet.
4.30 pm: The boy disappears and we don't see him until 7 pm.
7-8 pm: Bath, dinner, fight with sister!
8 pm: IPL time!:
9 pm: Bed

Supremely physically active to the extent that we sometimes ask him to cut back on the cricket. I have suggested he go swimming with friends to break the monotony, but he says - what monotony???? So we have let him be. After much persuasion, he has picked up his first Harry Potter and seems to be enjoying it.
I think he's happy :) 


  1. he is having fun! and he still indulges your nap requests! i love him, always have :)

  2. I was beginning to think "this kid needs to read a bit" and then I read "he has picked up his first Harry Potter and seems to be enjoying it".
    My life was shaped by what I read early on in life and I think that's very important (while still enjoying all the fun of growing up as a kid).

    1. Yup...if you had happened to read more of my blog you would've have realized that my kid was such a bookworm earlier that I needed him to STOP reading!!! Books are very important and we are a family of bibliophiles but I wouldn't like my kids to do what I did as a kid (read read and read).


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