Monday 16 March 2015

Tryst with dance

A few months ago, a friend called to ask if I would agree to be the MC for her daughter's arangetram. I know the Bharatanatyam Guru as well, who is a friend and who used to teach Y briefly. Of course, I was flattered, though I immediately pointed out that what I new about the dance form could be written on one side of a very tiny envelope! No problem, said my friend. We will work on the script together and do a couple of rehearsals. You will be fine.
And that's just what we did. We wrote and rewrote the script. I kept editing till the last minute to get it perfect. I had to keep checking on the pronunciations of quite a few unfamiliar words. Finally the day arrived. I wore one of my lovely kanjeevarams and donned a very traditional Tam look. It was so much fun! The stage was beautifully decorated and lighted. The women were dazzling. The parents had left no stone unturned to ensure that their daughter's talent was showcased to the hilt. She danced with grace and poise. The accompanists were really good. I got a lot of compliments for my MC-giri, not to mention a beautiful brass Ganesha as a gift.
It was a lovely experience. I am so glad I did it. It was not only fun but and I learnt something new.


  1. Wow, Aparna! That really sounds like a great experience. Would've loved to see you at, please?


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