Wednesday 21 January 2015


Lately, I have been finding these kind of love notes everywhere in the house. Inside her school bag, my closet, on her table, and in my workspace.

Last weekend, I moved around systematically from room to room, gathering up these bits of paper to store them safely in one place. Later, I complained to S - "Gosh, there are sooo many notes Y has written for me...I had to find a folder to cram them into!"
My husband gave me a strange look. Part annoyance, part jealousy. He said - "Do you know I have only ONE such note. Even that has Amma crossed and replaced with Appa!"
So I am #1. This is exhilarating. Cheap, I know...but exhilarating :) Sanjay calls her "Jalra". Sour grapes, I say.
Though I will be the first to admit that I can take no credit. That's just the way my little girl is. Devoted and affectionate. Every single day, I fail in my own eyes as a mom. Everyday I go to sleep thinking I need to do better. But in her eyes, it seems I am already perfect. Thank you for keeping me up on that pedestal, Y! I won't grow all proud and haughty because your brother will always ensure I come down to earth with a big crash!
But sometimes, even I feel she can take it too far. One day, she asked me what the word "react" meant. I explained - "Suppose I annoy you and you get angry with me. That means your reaction was anger. " She looked horrified. "But amma, I can NEVER get angry with you!!"


  1. Touch wood, stay blessed Aparna :)!

  2. That must feel heavenly !! I go into a state of bliss when my 4 month old shows even a slight sign of recognizing me. Then I can imagine how it would feel to have a child so devoted to you :)
    But then I keep telling myself that I should consciously practice detachment to a certain degree too. Mine being a boy, it is all the more necessary!
    As for your little girl, she can and will always stay that way. It wouldn't interfere with her life in any way.
    Strange world is it not? I want a girl just for this reason :)

    1. Ha ha...yes that's a good reason to want a girl :)


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