Tuesday 19 August 2014

Oddreeve and chess

Ads' latest obsession - yes it's cricket - but what do you do when you can't play cricket? For example when you are in a car, or the school bus, or when you are plain lazy? :)
Then you just play "Odd or Eve" (pronounced as Oddreeve). Aka Hand cricket!
It's a complicated game which I don't quite understand the rules of. Any request for clarifications is met by some eye-rolling and an exasperated "Amma, you anyway don't know anything about cricket!"
The good thing is Oddreeve involves some very rapid mental counting so Ads math skills have improved by leaps and bounds. I wonder why schools don't gamify math and science a lot more.
On another note, Ads recently took part in the chess tournament held as part of the Sports Fest in our community. I wanted to sign him up for tennis matches as well but he flatly refused. He played 3 chess games and came in second, losing gracefully to his best friend. No biases here, but I contend he was the better player of the two and just got distracted at the wrong moment. Lesson learnt? One hopes so!
Getting his trophy and certificate


  1. Congrats to Ads for coming second. Chess is a game for intellectuals, doesn't matter whoever wins, isn't it?

    1. Actually I think it ALWAYS matters who wins! :) But if u can't, the trick is to learn to lose gracefully :) Chess is all about strategy so I wish he keeps playing it because u learn a lot.

  2. Congratulations to Ads! :)

    My nephews play hand cricket all the time.. None of the elders in the family understand the game, we just notice some very rapid hand movements. :) They are quite happy playing it on their own, though.


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