Tuesday 24 June 2014


Another deep dive into yet another topic. This time it's Cricket, the mother of all Indian obsessions. It's a little surprising the interest has surfaced so late- after all, he has been surrounded by cricket and cricket aficionados for years now. But of course, other interests have taken up precious time and mind-share!
In typical Ads style, he has been soaking up information like a sieve. One of our friends said "What I have learnt in 40 years, Ads has picked up 80% of it in 2 months!"
Which is an exaggeration but only a little bit, because his learning curve is astonishingly steep. Which is why it makes me mad when he wails and whines to learn 4 lines of a Hindi poem because "There's no space in my brain!!!"
Ads has also been playing cricket every day with his friends, and on weekends with his dad, with Y as able fielder. This is the kid who told me 2 months ago "I hate cricket!" I won't be surprised if the same line is repeated 2 months hence :)


  1. I revisited the link to the previous post and could appreciate it in a renewed sense. With R it is currently whales, dolphins, dinosaurs and the likes..he's been devouring the encyclopedia over these interests. I'm glad he's not into Chota Bheems and Doremons, though he laps them too when offered a chance but generally what I notice is cartoons hold a fleeting interest for him (relieved!). Sorry to hog your comment section with stories of my son.
    Way to go Ads! and he cries over having to learn Hindi, eh? I can so imagine this story unfolding my place in a few years :-(

    1. so similar right?? enjoy all the learning on sea, winged and prehistoric creatures :)


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