Friday 5 July 2013

The embarrasing mom Part 1

I feel slightly guilty about not posting any updates on Y but truth is, Ads is providing enough and more intriguing/entertaining moments at this point. One of the latest is being thoroughly embarrassed by/with me (not so much with Appa - I have to resentfully wonder why?). It's a given that I do not kiss/hug or otherwise exhibit any PDA in public especially at drop off/pickup time, tennis class etc, where there are bound to be a bunch of kids looking on.
Some days ago, I had to give Ads a message while he was in the middle of tennis class. I walked in, maintained a safe (!) distance and talked to him. His expression was priceless! Or should I say lack of it. He was looking at me, but his eyes were beseeching me to go away. He knew I wouldn't move until he had acknowledged the message so he said Ok and managed to mouth it without actually saying it out loud and nodded his head oh-so-imperceptibly.
His entire body language said - Ok I got can you please leave? Like RIGHT NOW?
Just when I thought girls aren't like that, Y tells me to buzz off from her dance class, cos "I won't dance if you are there".
Foolishly, I look to S for some understanding. He bands together with his kids. He says "I totally understand. I would have hated it if MY mom had landed up in tennis class!"
Talk about getting a sympathetic hearing!
PS: I named the post Part 1 because I sense this is just the beginning of my kids being embarrassed by me! :) 


  1. Most kids go through this phase. I did, too. :)

    Even today, I break down when Amma is close by and I am in pain. I give my best and am at my strongest when I am away from her. I really don't know why that is so.

    1. Really??? Hmmm....I don't recall going through this phase :(


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