Wednesday 12 September 2012

Paneer Barfi

Making barfi is something that has always sent shivers down my spine. I've seen my mom slaving in the hot kitchen, stirring constantly until the mixture separated from the sides of the pan...whew...!! It just seems like so much work with fairly dicey outcomes even in this day and age of microwave recipes. I know for a fact that it's after many years of practice that my mom is now able to dish out scrumpilious barfis.
However, a few weeks ago, a colleague who has a sweet tooth and entertains a lot, shared a Tarla Dalal recipe with me. She confided that her paneer barfi was her staple dessert to be whipped up when people came over. Today, I decided to try it especially as the milk has spoilt for 2 days running now and consequently I have a lot of fresh home-made paneer just sitting in the fridge.
I used the same recipe as above....except that I am really bad at following recipes to the T. So I substituted condensed milk for milk powder and sugar, used far less ghee (just 3 tbsp for 200 gm paneer) and dropped ground almonds and cashews into the mix since I know my kids would balk at whole nuts in the sweet. Of course, could not resist popping some of the hot mixture into my greedy mouth. Pure ambrosia!!! You can't go wrong with condensed milk and ghee, can you? :)
Shape the final cooled mixture into flat rounds or even spheres if that's easier. I lost interest once I tasted the final product (as I knew I would) and hurriedly formed the mix into lumpy flat rounds. Aesthetics and patience - not my strongest points!!!
Anyway, I feel thrilled that I finally got to make a proper barfi. Next trial - this!


  1. ummmm....yummm...where are the pictures????
    you seem to be on a cooking spree lately? :-)
    I suck at making anything that requires patience and effort ;-) But I made coconut barfi recently and was pleased to note that some delicious things are not so tough to make and I'm not that jinxed either :-)))

    1. Too lazy! They're in the fridge (the barfis not the pix!), maybe I'll click a pic later. Like I said, they are lumpy and not very photogenic :)
      Coconut barfi huh?? Good for u!

  2. Wow! Those paneer burfis sound yummylicious! Pictures, please!

    I will try them out too. :) Sounds quite easy to make. I have always been scared of making barfis, or any sweets for that matter, too.

    I would have reduced the amount of ghee in the recipe too.

    BTW can we use milk instead of milk powder? I am not very fond of using milk powder in recipes, somehow.

    1. Not sure, TGND...milk would make it too liquid no? Then u would have to stir for a longer time in order to make the whole thing into a thick mass. Better to use condensed milk like me?


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