Monday 18 October 2010

Random update after Navaratri

The holidays are over - yippee!! It feels good to be back to the routine and the prospect of a shade under three hours of kid-free time everyday is wonderful. Every time I left the kids to their own resources and did my own thing, I was wondering whether I should not be doing stuff to stimulate their imagination, unleash their creativity, and jog their mental processes. What pressure!!!
Our Navaratri was low-key, once again because I was too lazy to make the effort to erect a Golu. My excuse this year (as it was last year) was that my time would be better spent in studying for the exam. Next year, next year I will have a Golu. I promise myself! We did manage to catch last day of Ramlila by watching a large effigy of Raavana blown up with fire-crackers. Ads was fascinated by the sight whereas Y clung to her father and whimpered incessantly.
My studying is (sort of) on track. No major derailments so far. Yesterday, I suddenly remembered that I had given myself not more than 5 years to be out of the workforce (well yes, it is an arbitrary number that I chose. 6 seemed to be too much!) Given that I have not been in a paying job for 3.5 years now, it gives me only another year plus to get cracking, pass the exams and find a job. Scary thought! 

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