Sunday 11 October 2009

First few concrete words and actions

Yukta has started saying 2 more words.
Anna - she stretches the N out so that it sounds like this: A-nnnn-aa.
And Appa too - A-pp-aa.
Train is The-the.
But still no Amma :)
We ask her Thala engae, and she touches the back of her head. Thoppai engae, and she pats her stomach/chest area. Yukta clap-clap, ta-ta, bye-bye and high-five all elicit the appropriate responses.
I really can't remember how verbal Ads was at the age of 11 months. Probably around the same. He has always been very advanced in verbal skills, especially more so compared to other boys. It is wonderful to experience the same stage again with Y.

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