Wednesday 3 June 2009

Bereft of my beloved

Bereft of my beloved brand-new HP laptop for the past few days!
It was the lone casualty of a heated argument and scuffle involving me, Ads and a cup of Ovaltine. You get the picture.
S was livid. Especially since he had repeatedly warned me against this exact scenario, knowing my penchant of dawdling over the computer with a cup of tea on the table in front of me, surfacing now and then to brawl with my son. (Yeah Ads and I fight a LOT!)
The poor milk-soaked laptop has gone to be patched up and I should get it back in a few days. The $$$ damage is something like a third of the cost of the laptop.
1. Liquids and costly electronic equipment don't mix (well I should have known that already)
2. Kids and liquids should stay together (away from aforesaid equipment) and in an enclosed area covered in easy-to-wipe-down plastic.
3. Maturity and a cool temper are critical attributes for 30-something mom. Work on it.

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