Monday 10 November 2008

Yukta arrives

Our daughter Yukta arrived at 7.27 am on Nov 5th. My due date was the 4th and I was pretty sure she'd arrive that day. The 4th went by quickly, since we were all busy watching the US Presidential elections. My bag of waters broke at 11 pm, S and I were in the hospital by 11.30 and honestly thought that the baby would be out by 2 am. But my contractions were so mild and fitful that S and I actually managed to doze off for an hour or so. At 5.30 am, the doctor decided to introduce Pitocin to speed up the contractions. They came hard and fast after that, so much so that I was forced to request for a painkiller (there went my dreams of an all-natural, drug-free birth like I had with Ads!). Within 30 mins of taking the pain medication, I was ready to push -- it was with a deep sense of deja vu that I experienced the next 1/2 hour. I had dilated so rapidly that the doctors and nurses were caught totally unprepared and there was a mad scramble as they fought to get ready for the birth. The obstetrician, a young woman called Dr. Kane, was really nice. She got herself into position, smiled brightly and said "Get set to welcome your baby!" After 10 minutes of excruciating pain and pushing, there she was -- our little daughter. It was a very emotional moment for S and me.

We were in hospital just for a day and back home by the 6th afternoon. Yukta looks a lot like Ads at the same age, prominent nose and all. Big brother is slowly getting reconciled to the loss of his monopoly.

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